Valerie Parker-Calo

Valerie Parker-Calo

Dance Instructor / Owner

Valerie Parker-Calo was born in Bronx, NY and raised in Fern Park, Florida. At a young age, Valerie was very active and loved playing sports such as basketball, softball and track and field.

Her mother put in her Ballet at the age of 2 starting the love for dance. At the age of 16, she started to take classes at Dvuell Dance Academy and realized she had a passion for dance. Valerie danced all of her young life and still loves the dance.

Once Valerie became an adult, she started a career in leasing and was exposed to the business world. Her goal was to absorb all there is to know about running a company. Valerie started a remolding restoration business with Her husband, giving Valerie to an opportunity to put her skills in action.

She wanted to do something new, so she started cosmology school. When she graduated, she started her own salon studio and grew the business for 3 years. Due to health conditions, she needed to sell her salon and focus on her wellbeing. Valerie kept busy managing Their remolding company, at the same time she also able to stay at home with her youngest granddaughter when she decided to start her in classes at the age of 2.

Since introducing her granddaughter in dance this has opened Valerie’s passion and love for the profession. She now owns Studio B Dance Academy with her oldest daughter. Valerie is very excited and can’t wait to see where the studio is going in the future.

“I look forward to making dreams come true for the students at Studio B Dance Academy. Where the stage is their world! At the same time making it a place everyone feels welcomed!