Debora Baños-Arauz

Debora Baños-Arauz

Dance Instructor

Debora “Deebo” Baños-Arauz was born in Panama City, Panama and raised in Orlando, Florida. She has been Beatboxing since she was 8 years old and has been BGirling or BreakDancing for about 7 years. She is Orlando’s first female Beatboxer/Vocal Percussionist and the first female to be a part of A’capella groups Right On Key/Pop Fusion from Orlando and Paradox Voice Band from San Francisco.

She won a Merritt award in Denver, CO for best rap group/beatbox in a Fine Arts competition her freshmen year of High School. She completes all elements of Hiphop in the all female Hiphop Collective called The HeartBreakerz. She has opened for KRS-One in Orlando and danced with Tony! Toni! Tone! in Oakland, CA. She has trained with prestigious dancers from Miami, New York and California. She currently is located in Orlando and was recently invited to battle in a dance expo in St. Petersburg, FL.

This past summer she taught Hiphop/Breakdance & Beatboxing at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy Kids Summer Camp in Denver, CO. You can find her performing with Right On Key at Disney Springs in, teaching kids Hiphop dance with a non-profit program called Defining Movement for Parker Anderson After School Enrichment Programs and teaching Beginning Acrobatics at Studio B Academy.

This dance instructor works with the following styles: